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Aug 13, 2007

Is this political?

This work of mine was recently rejected by a gallery. "We love it," I was told (I am paraphrasing), "but we fear the consequences because of the political nature of the work."

The prostitutes of Chilumpara -I
Is this political art?

I was taken aback. Have we really come to this -Art galleries censoring themselves out of fear? Fear of what -the Communist Party of India? I am aware that their reputation is not really of an entirely peaceful outfit but really! Does one one expect red goons marching in just because there is a naked prostitute leaning over the Communist Party insignia? Sadly, in these times when the state gives in to the mob readily, one can't be so sure. So I am not blaming the gallery -even if they claim to support new and brave art. Just not too brave.

Note -I did not intend this to be a 'political' work, though it might easily be interpreted that way, nor do I think this work is 'brave'. I was attracted by that huge red hammer and sickle painted on the wall of an old and shabby building. But, what the heck! Who cares? Not me.

The painting is proudly displayed at my site here.


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