India in comics, part 4

RAJ, a series of 4 bande dessinées by Conrad and Wilbur set in India of 1830s

The first in the series is 'Les Disparus de la Ville Dorée' (The vanished of the golden city)-

Adventures of Alexander Martin, a police officer of the Raj, as summarized by the publisher-

Alexander Martin -arrived in Bombay from London in 1931 to join the Indian Political Service (IPS) -whose role was to help the Honorable Compagnie des Indes develop his business ... That is to say to prevent the other states of Europe from settling on the Indian continent dominated by the British. The arrival of the new agent does not seem to enchant those who have been in place for a long time and whose main concern is to increase their personal wealth by despoiling and enslaving the natives. Alexander, however, makes some connections. Guided by the journalist David Baltimore, he discovers the strange local beliefs. Intrigued by the presence of a European in the midst of a group of Hindus practicing their rituals, the journalist follows him to identify him. Alexander finds him a few moments later, dying under the effect of the bite of a cobra ...

But now, despite the gravity of his condition, David Baltimore disappears. Other mysterious disappearances then occur in the community of English expatriates! Pressed to solve this problem, the I.P.S. Decided to accuse a competitor of the Honorable Company of India. The captain of the Portuguese company Sao Mateo will make an ideal culprit. It is however to count without the honesty of the agent Alexander Martin who is reluctant to arrest an innocent ...

A few glimpses-

I really like the largish panels like these (there are several) where movement has some spread and landscape breadth-

Parents be advised- may not be for small kiddos :)

Check it out!