Plumber or artist?

Suppose your pipes (your houses’, that is!) are leaking. You phone a plumber. He arrives, takes out from the back of his van a few dozen cans of beer. He then climbs a ledge, begins to empty can after can of beer down his throat, and then jumps! Okay, it is not hard to say he is not a plumber, he’s a fake or a crazy. How can we say that? Because we all know what plumbing is and a plumber is someone who does ‘plumbing’ , or ‘A craftsman who installs and repairs pipes and fixtures and appliances’, according to a dictionary.
Okay, he’s not a plumber- but what if he says he is an artist what he is doing is art? Can you tell if he is or not? How can you tell if you don’t know what is art? And who are you to say that he is not?
So if you don’t know, what do you do? Well, most people just defer to the ‘experts’, most people shrug and think- okay, I don’t know what art is but the ‘experts’ do.
So let’s hear the experts-

That man swilling beer and about to leap is – (drum roll here) - an artist, a true artist, a wonderful artist!

(The following is lifted shamelessly from Scott Burgess)
"A Japanese artist Miss Takahashi, has been paid £5,000 of taxpayer's money to attempt to drink 48 cans of beer and then fall off a wooden beam."

And who is Miss Takahashi?

"Miss Takahashi is an internationally renowned artist. Her work constantly questions the way products are marketed and the role of mass media in society."
"This wasn't just about a woman drinking a lot of beer. This was a powerful piece of art."

So relax. You called a plumber but a great artist turned up. You lucky son-of-a-gun! As for your leaking pipes, let’s call it art, an installation that will constantly question the moral mores of our culture. And here’s hoping that the next lot of £5,000 of taxpayer's money lands in your lap.