Great injustice to Varanasi

There is Venice- thousands of artists flock to it as eager as lemmings dying to jump off a cliff - and I don't blame them. For a painter like myself it is heaven on earth- all that water, the shimmering reflections, the wonderfully painted but quaint houses, that sunlight.....mmm, delicious. I can think of several painters who have reveled in that ambiance and produced wonderful art-From Canaletto to David Curtis and Jonathan Pike.
And then there is Varanasi. I am not a far-ranging , all-knowing expert of Indian art - far, far from it - But having visited hundreds of exhibitions I cannot recall any work on Varanasi that left an impression with the exceptions of some works by Kashi Das ( who I can't find on the net ). I must have seen them but I just cannot recall. So while I am inclined to blame myself , I believe that Indian artists have also done a grave injustice to such a 'painterly' place like Varanasi. Here is a contemporary example - The Varanasi paintings of Manu Parekh. I am tempted to say that taking Mr. Parekh to Varanasi is like giving a typewriter to a monkey - and then expecting it to produce a masterpiece.


My dad recently bought a watercolour by Kashi Nath Das (i presume, it is the same artist you mention in this post) on Varansi. He is simply amazing and i can't find him online either, he does have a website though its not updated regularly or contain much of his art. If you want, I could email you a picture of the painting on Varanasi. Do let me know.
gurmeet said…
ein brummkreisel(what a name!),

go ahead and send me the image .I shall post it if I like it. In fact, I am thinking about doing a post on Kashi Das. What is the address of his site?

ill send it to you tomorrow morning..

ein brummkreisel (my name is radhika!)


p.s.- your artwork is amazing !!!
gurmeet said…
ein brummkreisel urf radhika,

Thanks for the nice words.

Still waiting for that image.....

sorry for the late reply.. left home for university and was too stressed during the packing to send the pic.. will send it once my dad forwards it to me :)