You are grrrrreat, Boseji !

Tussi te great ho, Boseji ! You have taken all the books and dvd's you had and put them in an art gallery and called it art! Now why didn't I think of it myself? Why didn't anyone think of it before ?
Forgive us Boseji , we are all know-nothing ullu ka pattha's ( especially myself ).
Humbly I learnt today from the Hindustan Times, Delhi edition (Reg. req'd) that -

"....LaVA (Laboratory of Visual Arts) is a conceptual project by Bose Krishnamachari, where he has tried to create a contemporary makeshift laboratory for people. It's like a library that contains books, DVDs and CDs covering all visual art practices like cinema, architecture, design, fashion, cultural studies and philosophy And the artist displays it in a huge glass installation that outlines the perimeter of the library housing his personal collection of 5,000 books and 1,000 DVDs in it. The colourful wooden standalone shelves here are also part of his creativity Says Krishnamachari: "My idea is straight celebration and sharing the knowledge available from across the globe." So it's not a bad idea to just go and browse through some of those glossy pages or watch a few DVDs on the plasma screens. Nothing on sale or rent, though." "

But now that I am enlightened , I am willing to make amends. I too have a collection and it is in my wardrobe , and as you can see it is a suitably arty-sharty looking mess. I hope that this will impress the bien-pensants of the art world sufficiently so as to offer me a space where I can park this , this......this work of art. Mr. Vadhera , you know my number.

But, Boseji , I am not a complete copycat - while people can browse your books and dvd's , I am not going to let them ruffle through my mess ....I mean, work of art. Don't anybody touch the undies !

The Indian Colorful Language Translator-
Tussi te great ho = You are really awesome.
ullu ka pattha = (roughly) Jackass.

The Indian Big Shot Identifier-
Mr.Vadhera = a gallery owner, a King-Kong of the Indian art world.