Rameshwar Broota vs. Thomas Wilmer Dewing

Compare and contrast.

This post was created specifically in response to an animated discussion I am having about if the 'abstract art' is art at all over at the Ryze network. I am saying 'no', they are saying 'yes'. The discussion started when a gentleman discovered Art Renewal Center and read it's philosophy and seemed struck as if by lightning. Once again, ARC becomes the starting point of a furious debate.

Here are two works of art , of different eras to be sure, both non- 'abstracts', side-by-side. One is by a contemporary Indian artist who is considered to be one of the great artists of present, selling at ever higher prices. The other is by Thomas Wilmer Dewing who died in 1938.

1) Scripted in Time II
Rameshwar Broota

2) The Recitation
Thomas Dewing

About a hundred years separate the two -and a such a fall of standards in this time. Who says that things get better with time, that progress is inevitable? Not in the arts.