Somebody explain before my really small brain explodes!

I must be stupid. This painting is perhaps the highest priced Indian work of art, selling for nearly 7 crores!

So what's so great about it? Somebody tell me before my pea-sized brain explodes trying to figure out!!! Somebody please, please tell me! What am I missing? I think this painting is a worthless piece of mediocrity -painted by an art student, I would give an 'F'. It displays little talent, skill or sense of aesthetics.

Mahisasura by Tyeb Mehta
Mahisasura by Tyeb Mehta

But that's just me. Like I said, I am stupid. Just like millions of 'normal' people who can't figure out why this work is so wonderful.

O' keepers of secret knowledge, O' Mr. Vadhera, O' Mr. and Mrs.Vazirani, O' Holy man Keshav Malik -please do enlighten mere mortals like us and explain why Tyeb Mehta is a god?


Anonymous said…
If it were up to you gurmeet you would have everyone paint a model or a still life and choose who the best artist is haha.....