Promising artists- Vani Pippalla Akula

Here is starting another new series -on promising artists who should be getting more attention.

First off the block -Vani Pippalla Akula (ok, that's a mouthful). She is based in USA, the land of the free, and many(but not all) of her works seem to be really good.(I say 'seem' because I haven't viewed them in person, but they do look good). A couple of fine ones-

a painting by Vani Pippalla Akula
Family of Apples 5" x 7" oil on gessoed board

a painting by Vani Pippalla Akula
Rainy Day 5" x 7" oil on gessoed board

Check out her works at -

Compare and contrast-

Would a sensible person rather have one of the above on his/her walls or something as silly as this(by one of our Great Cheese*), K.G. Subramanyan-

a work by K.G. Subramanyan
An untitled work by K.G. Subramanyan

*The colorful Indian language translator-
Great cheese - a play on the Hindi expression 'mahan cheez', literally a great thing or a great person, sarcastically speaking.


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