Promising Artists -Amit Kumar

ravi bhaiya with dog- a painting by Amit Kumarravi bhaiya with dog

This gentleman has it in him to be quite a fine artist. I only hope he does not get stuck at the level where he is but keeps on improving -a must to get to that summit of mastery of which he seems to be capable.

Compare and contrast-

a particularly hideous painting by one of our Great Cheese(mahan cheez), Nikhil Chaganlal-

Nikhil Chaganlal - Passion of GaneshNikhil Chaganlal - Passion of Ganesh


Anonymous said…
I dislike the painting of ganesh here . But your logic of pulling one particular painting of an artist and defaming him is pretty childish and misleading.

why didn't you compare your painting of the evening thinker or the goose to this.

You dont seem to have anything worthy in you to express as a painter. Your work is mediocre in my objective opinion. It does not go beyond superficial representation, they seem like cheap textbook illustrations.

While a lot of the work you have attacked in your blog are not good. Your conclusions are silly and childish. You gun down whole institutions and movements by picking at pieces. And you seem to lack any engagement with an image beyond the surface.

Some of the work you have praised here is really beautiful. But you seem to find no difference between the really good representational work and cheap photo copies. you just seem engaged with the surface.

You also seem to lack any sense of history and real depth in art: You use david Hockney's article to endorse your views. You have not really understood them. Please look into a lot of his earlier work and some of the artists he still admired.