Promising artists -Kashi Nath Das

Some of Kashi's works sparkled with energy -it was the speed of working and the use of the white of the paper. As is evident from his works, the speed was crucial to his style -he didn't seem to have patience with working carefully in a step by step or area by area manner. I can understand this because I feel the same way and many of my own works reflect that.

I use 'was' because I haven't seen or heard from him for several years -although it may be my own fault since my disillusionment with contemporary art has dimmed my efforts to keep up with the going-ons in the art world. But anyway, if Kashi Nath Das, you are reading this -do get in touch with me and if somebody has access to his works, do send me the photos as I should like to post them.

Unfortunately, I don't have the images of best of his works but these are quite charming(although the photos don't do justice to the real thing)-


A work by Kashi Nath Das
A work by Kashi Nath Das
Oil on paper-

A work by Kashi Nath Das

Oops - I believe it is Kashinath Das and not Kashi Nath Das

Update- I believe standard caveats should apply - I do not mean to say that each and every work of Das is good art. In fact many seemed to have been done too hurriedly, carelessly and with not enough dedication or love of work perceptible in them, perhaps done purely out of commercial considerations -yet there were many that were quite good.

Update 2- Here is Das at Triveni Kala Sangam-

kashinath das


vaporvic said…
I have a large, original watercolor of his which I purchased In Delhi, India a few years ago. It is a street scene of Calcutta. Beautiful. I have had it framed museum quality and would like to find a home for it.
SA6591 said…
I just saw a number of Kahinath Das's watercolours in an exhibition in Pune (BMW showroom - curator Dominique) and I was very impressed. I picked one - my first purchase of art. Yes his water colours I find are very vibrant, energetic and 'happy' if I may use the word