Foreign artists in India- Stuart Robertson

Stuart Robertson watercolor IndiaClick for a larger image

A watercolor by Stuart Robertson

According to his profile here-
Stuart Robertson's love affair with India began when he first visited in 1985. He moved to India in 1989 and lived and stayed on for 7 years, working in Delhi - where he met his wife - and travelling extensively throughout the country. He has returned regularly and his fascination with the people and culture has grown as his paintings have evolved from realistic depictions to simpler representations grasping the mood and feeling of the subject matter rather than literal detail.

I first saw Robertson's work at the now defunct India Today art gallery at Connaught Place, Delhi several years ago. While I was impressed by his large watercolors of India, I remember feeling then that there was something, some Je ne sais quoi missing. A case of if only..... To take an analogy, if I had been the class teacher of Stuart Robertson (and he a little boy), I would have written on his report card-"Good, but can do better" - and then regretted having written the comment. Because at his best he is striking and one cannot but, struck.

Yet that Je ne sais quoi still lingers as an aftertaste.

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