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Apr 24, 2009

What a bloody marvelous painting, part 5

A peep at the train

art by Rudolf Swoboda
Rudolf Swoboda

art by Rudolf Swoboda detail
Detail 1

art by Rudolf Swoboda detail
Detail 2

I discovered this lovely work and the 19th-century Austrian painter through Niall Feguson's interesting book "Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World ".

When one looks at the works produced in the nineteenth century, one cannot help but wonder -What happened? Where did all that knowledge, skill and talent vanish? How did it come to be that the Gods of the 19th century like John William Waterhouse, Lawrence Alma-Tadema and John Singer Sargent were dethroned by the preening lice of the 20th, like Picasso, Rothko and Rauschenberg.

Just compare and contrast-

Ophelia, 1889
John William Waterhouse
John William Waterhouse

Untitled, 1963
Oil, silkscreened ink, metal, and plastic on canvas
Robert Rauschenberg

Robert Rauschenberg


If you think that Picasso is a preening lice, then you should really take another look at your own work. Picasso's realistic work was way more skilled and beautiful than anything that you have done, so you must understand that it was a choice to distort with control.

And you seem so judgmental like a little Hitler of art. Your work lacks masterful craft and also any decent aesthetic language. I thought someone should tell you that in the same language you dish out. Well maybe I am being kind.

your work is not worthy of too much praise for nailing down what the eye sees, nor is it moving or gripping. And in most cases it just comes across as below average illustrations with a poor colour palette.


Here is a link to some of picasso's work for people less exposed to decide for themselves.

I love most of his works with a few exceptions.He obviously was great at PR but he was a brilliant painter too.

Oh and do check his academic and early works (for thoose who think artists distort because they lack any skill), they expose how foolish most of gurmeet's opinions are.

Besides if something is beautiful just enjoy it.

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