Attack the peaceful, spare the violent

Andrew Bolt flags another art weasel –

A FILM student is prepared to use an image of the prophet Muhammad to help find two Australians willing to sell their virginity online.

Filmmaker Justin Sisely has already featured the Virgin Mary in his recruitment drive, using posters of her with male genitalia drawn crudely on her forehead in Sydney and Melbourne. He has also used the image online…

Sisely said he was considering using an image of Muhammad in a new series of posters in Brisbane next month, but would not if the move incited violence.

1. Why use the mockery of any faith?

2. The artist is only “considering” using an image of Muhummad as he already used one of Mary. Yeah, right.

3. The artist won’t use an image of Muhammad if it incites violence, which supposes a predisposition for violence in one faith that he presumably dismissed among followers of another.

4. The artist won’t criticise the violent as he will the peaceful, suggesting both that he’s timid and that he’s most likely to attack those who are most peaceable. Strange priorities. An even stranger incitement to answer criticism with violence.

(emphasis mine)