My reasons to love Sanjay Bhattacharya

are laid out for all to see in this one canvas below-

Morning Kesoroli_Sanjay Bhattcharya

(click here for a larger image)

Morning, Kesoroli

Oil on canvas



Sanjay Bhattacharya


That is why I am willing to forgive his forays into silliness. Sanjayji, aapko sau silly cheezein maaf hain agar aap kabhi kabhi time nikaal ke itni kamaal ki painting banee dein! (Sanjay ji, You forgiven a hundred stupid things as long as you take out time occasionally to paint something as marvelous as this!)

Compare and contrast-

Does one eat shit? Possible if there is nothing else to eat, and one never has known anything else. But does one eat shit after having a sumptuous meal gulped down with an excellent wine –yes, the arty-sharties do! They flit away from a Sanjay Bhattacharya work and flock to the latest idiocy by the Great Cheese Jitish Kallat and go ooh! , ah!, and ga-ga(or should that be goo-goo?).

jitish kallat rikshawpolis 4

Rickshawpolis 4


Acrylic on canvas with bronze gargoyles

178 x 274 cm


 Jitish Kallat


Are they blind? Of course not.

Can they not see? I’m sure they can.

Have their brains shut down? Er, ……

But like Pavlovian dogs that are trained to react in a certain way to a particular stimulus , the arty-sharty set is trained to go ga-ga over goo-goo. Throw the worst, the most loathsome, the ugliest, the most disgusting,the filthiest, the most shocking(hey, that’s where contemporary ‘artists’ are trying to out-do each other, isn’t it?) thingamajig at them and call it art and they will lap it up.

Tell them it is art –they will eat shit.

Update –I know, baba, Kallat’s work above is not his latest brainwave. I’m sure there have been many more since. I have taken Kallat and one his works at random(it was the first that came up) to make a point. One can as well take up M.F.Hussain or F.N.Souza or almost any of our many Great Cheese(mahan cheez) –the Pavlovian dogs will still manifest the same reflex.