Post-modern ‘art’ –subsidizing the lunatics

Michelle Malkin has more on the tax payers sweat and tears being fobbed off by post-modern ‘art’ elites. No wonder the modern arts establishment is solidly left. It is parasitical on public money i.e. taken by coercion from others(taxes).

One would like to ask them –have you, sir, no shame? But one might as well try to teach Plato to a pig.

Stimulus money for the National Endowment for the Arts is supposed to be “restricted specifically to job preservation. ”

But a look at the list of NEA stimulus projects reveals that the money is being used instead for sexual titillation. Fox News reported on some of the eye-opening projects here.

Straight from the National Endowment for the Arts website, you can check out the list for yourselves. Highlights:



· $25,000 to the Kala Institute in Berkeley, California. The Institute describes its mission as being “… to help artists sustain their creative efforts over time through its Artist-in- Residence and Fellowship Programs, and to increase appreciation of this work through exhibitions, public programming and educational efforts.” Its website includes a page describing current exhibits with a photo of a man in a jock strap and high-tops dunking a basketball and someone sticking his/her ear through a hole cut in a piece of cardboard.



· $25,000 to the “Marsh, a breeding ground for new performance” in San Francisco, California. The first two performances listed under the Marshes “playing now” calendar are: “East 14th: Tales of a reluctant Player” and “Lettuce Town Lies.” East 14th is described with the blurb: “Back in 1970’s Oakland, his stepfather forced him to be a straight A, God-fearing church boy - but he wanted to be just like his dear old Dad. Too bad he didn’t know dear old Dad was a pimp.” The blurb for “Lettucetown Lies” states: “He’s Gay. He’s Asian. He’s coming of age in Lettucetown, aka Salinas. If that’s not bad enough, he’s got a crush on a hick. If that’s not bad enough, his friends think fun is blowing up a field of lettuce. If that’s not bad enough, he has to sneak to the highschool bathroom to buy drugs and Donna Summer records. Adolescence! It’s fun, it’s lies. In Lettucetown.”



· $25,000 to Jess Curtis/Gravity, Inc. in San Francisco, California. One of their most recent works is the Symmetry Project where nude couples are mounted on each other in various poses. Note in the first pictures nude children are present with nude adults.



· $25,000 to Borderlands Theater Teatro Fronterizo, Inc. in Tucson, Arizona is delinquent in paying federal taxes (see here, last item at the bottom of the page). Recently did “School of the Americas” about Che Guevara and has upcoming “WHAT’S UNDER THAT SKIRT? A BORDERLINE LOOK AT GENDER” and “SHE WAS MY BROTHER”.


There is, unfortunately, much more.

Lunatics are running the asylum and we, the sane, are subsidizing them.

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