An unsung pièce de résistance

An Osama Bin Laden urinal -

osama bin laden urinal

Giving the bugger his due.

But shouldn’t it be hailed by arty-sharties as a masterpiece?A great work of art?

Didn’t they select Marcel Duchamp's urinal as the work of art of the 20th century?

urinal duchamp

Marcel Duchamp's urinal

So, why hasn’t the Osama urinal not been declared the new Mona Lisa, the Duchamp of the 21st century, the David of the war on terror?

Why isn’t every urinal a masterpiece? Why the discrimination, the injustice,the……racism?

Why? Why? Why?

Questions, questions……………

It is because of such criminal neglect by art-authorities that hillbillies like Brad Pitt are encouraged to desecrate such sublime art-

brad pitt urinal