The whole world in three colors

I am an enthusiastic proponent of the limited palette.It can produce delicate, atmospheric landscapes (see my Taj Mahal -morning haze) to sparkling, colorful vistas, like this one-

A painting in oils by Robert J. Simone

If one didn't know it would be all but impossible to tell that it was painted in just three colors!

According to Mr.Simone-
The philosophy “less is more” definitely applies. Self-imposed limitations such as this force the artist to rely more on his or her creativity. Having fewer color options one can no longer attempt to copy the subject tone for tone. Instead the painter must focus on relationships. How warm or cool,light or dark, intense or neutral, sharp or lost, is one passage compared to the whole. The end result is not only a more advanced process but stronger harmonies in the finished product.

Another benefit from being a practitioner of the limited palette is that the artist learns to do with color what was once done with value. Specifically, the depiction of light and shadow is better when the artist focuses more on color temperature and less on how light or dark
each passage is. A medium value intense warm makes for a more convincing depiction of light than a low intensity white.


I certainly like the results of your limited palette. It seems to give the painting more cohesiveness. Very well done.