Best contemporary painters of nudes, part 2- Steve Hanks

Who the hell can leave Steve Hanks out of this list!

Blending into shadows and sheets

Model at rest

Casting her shadow

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Best contemporary painters of nudes, part 1- Zhaoming Wu

Compare and contrast -

   How our Great Cheese do nudes:

28" x 20" Conte on paper
Jatin Das

One has to be cursed with the most malign blindness not to see that this idiot can neither draw or paint.Sadly very many are so afflicted.


All I have to say about Wu...unbelievably bad.
Anonymous said…
I feel this is a silly comparison. While I dislike the work of Jatin Das myself, it is pretty misleading to compare his work with that of an artist pursuing an academic or realistic investigation of the human body and use that as a parameter to judge artists here. We do have good artists in India who do this sort of work well too, and Steve Hanks is not really big cheese in America.