Ugly Betty to Angela Jolie -the Let's Color Project

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Many animals don't see color too well(say, a cow) or not at all(a shark). Bulls, all muscle and no brain dumbos, charge at the red cloth without knowing if it is really red. They don't see red and the credulous souls would just as well charge if the cloth were citron with a polydot print(very much out of fashion -one can comprehend the bull's anger).

What grass?

Prairie Dogs are unlikely to enjoy a quiet promenade by  lush greenery and are prone to jump traffic lights- the poor souls don't see green or red.

But hey, we are not dogs -prairie or savanna or the local,street variety.
Color is our birthright!

My own personal collection of color includes all the shades of pigments I can get hold of. Trying out a new shade is compulsion.

In painting - of the sane kind anyway - color is a means to an end. However there is a deep soulful happiness in applying a broad stoke of rich color on a sympathetic surface. A brush laden with a high quality pigment hitting the paper or canvas is a pleasure that equals or surpasses rubber hitting the road when that rubber belongs to a Ferrari.

It's like raindrops pattering off your naked back -there is no evident metaphysical significance but hey, it feels deep!

For sheer gratification, that brush needs be really broad and the canvas awfully wide. Yes, I mean painting a wall. Or even better - a building! In the meanest, brightest (or softest, if you wish)shades you would love to indulge in.Choosing a color for the sheer pleasure of  enjoying that color -and not worrying about if goes with the curtains.It's so much fun -soulful fun -that the government ought to have a large wall open to each citizen to do with as he/she pleases with all hues of paints provided. Will definitely take our mind off food price inflation. Way better than getting drunk.

Dulux has started something on this line called the Lets Colour Project , "a worldwide initiative to transform grey spaces with colourful paint", according to their blurb.

I was contacted by one of the gentleman (correction-oops! it's actually a lady) involved in the project sometime back.The initiative involves taking up your plain Jane (or ugly Betty) buildings and edifices and transforming them into Angela Jolies of architecture.



And more-

There are several examples here.

Action comes to Jodhpur, India on 2nd-3rd April. I'm wangling to get a seat on the color express. Let's see.

Facebook page of the project.