Ayn Rand while commuting

I suppose we have all seen this while commuting- at least those who travel with the hoi polloi -someone reading a Rand book, often the Fountainhead:

Reading Ayn Rand

On a couple of occasions I have seen dullish looking housewife types in traditional sarees poring over the Fountainhead and wondered if they were 'getting it'. I'm glad if they 'got' even one percent. Who knows what personal awakening that bit might produce.

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Anonymous said…
It's really sad to come across an artist who has no empathy for his fellow men/women.

You may not respect other people's choices and lives, but don't be so condescending! So what if the lady doesn't get most of it. So what if she is being pretentious.

Are you the one to decide who is worthy of accessing what kind of art?