A plea to famous artists who can't paint to save the planet, part 1

Famous artists who can't paint but nobody told them so, so they could stop wasting Earth's precious resources and reduce (or 'mitigate', the term now in fashion)global warming and stop hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and even earthquakes.* Now which artist with even a particle of humanity wouldn't like to sacrifice for such a noble cause.

I call upon M.F. Husain, India's most celebrated artist who really can't paint too well to do his part for the humanity.

M.F.Husain - can't paint, won't stop either. Planet be damned!

Husainji*, we are dying of a civilizational crisis. Please, please stop wasting art materials! You must know deep in your heart you are no good. So please give up for the sake of future generations, I beg of you!

Thanks in advance and anticipation.

 Wasting Earth's precious resources - resources, we are constantly harangued, are finite and we should consume less, produce less ,want less and use less. Yes, we humans are useless.These really terrible but famous artists who have no talent whatsoever can give up what they do so badly and save some of the resources and energy and greenhouse gases that go into the making of art materials, holding exhibitions all over the world, jetting to and from lavish wasteful parties and award ceremonies. All of it useless and destructive for the environment.

Artists causing global warming - human activity, of course, causes climate change or so we are told constantly. When these bad artists give up what they do so badly anyway they shall do their bit to save the planet.

Artists causing floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and much more  - Global warming leads to more natural disasters and artists contribute to global warming(see above). QED. At least if you believe the IPCC,. And if you admire Husain then you may be the kind of person who thinks IPCC is a dispassionate truth telling organisation.

The colorful Indian language translator-
Husainji - suffix 'ji' is used in India for respect.