Will art reporters(ladies,you too) grow some balls?

 Left a comment at this PR job report on an exhibition for the publicist reporter Rooplin Sharma at the Indian Art Collectors blog-

Can we have some honest, even brutal, art criticism instead of PR jobs for artists and galleries and cut-paste publicity releases?

If critiquing is too much then how about just straightforward reporting? Just show us the images and let us judge for ourselves instead of praising every single artist and exhibition sky high. That is demeaning and sycophantish(I know,coining a word here).

Unfortunately, too few art reporters are psychologically up to facing the intimidating art establishment. They prefer the timidity of a court scribe and to get along rather than to ask, interrogate, confront, question the premises. Ironically, these all are what the contemporary artists claim to do.

For God's sake, Rooplin, grow some balls!

I wonder if it will be published.

Update -
     The comment is now published.


Tracey Potter said…
I would of liked to seen some images of the works to judge for myself. I must admit I got bored in the first paragraph and skimmed the rest. There did not seem to be any consistency in the paragraphs about each artists and it seemed like each description was altered slightly from an original artist statement or press release.

I hope your comments get published. All opinions should be heard.