chullu bhar pani for M.F.Husain

Feeling kind of down I will just post a Sanjay Bhattacharya painting and stare at it for a while-

(click  for a larger image)

Twilight, Kesroli
Oil on canvas
175 X 137 cm

Sanjay Bhattacharya's other marvelous Kesroli work -Morning, Kesroli here.

 The great-grandaddy of Indian painting, M.F.Husain should take one good look at one of Bhattacharya's fine paintings and then go find some clean, filtered chullu bhar pani to jump into*.

Compare and contrast- 

M F Husain
14 x 18 inches 
Acrylic on Board

 This, the arty-sharty types will assert, is a great work of art. Don't be intimidated by their art-speak mumbo-jumbo.Are you going to believe these charlatans or your lying eyes?

*The colorful Indian language translator-

     chullu bhar pani - refers to the colorful Indian expression -'ja, chullu bhar pani mein doob mar' which "which essentially says that the concerned person who has incidentally done something shameful should go drown himself in a handful of water"


Anonymous said…
while I'm not a fan of M.F hussain. I dont like his work much. I think you are foolish to compare 2 works of art whose intentions are so different.