Painting Jodhpur pink?

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The Let's color express rolls into India. Note the change of dates: it is now 2nd - 3rd April 2010 at Jodhpur. The aim according to the organizers is to "transform grey spaces with colourful paint". Previous 'successes' of the project include London:



The color palette chosen for Jodhpur, India is-

Jodhpur is an interesting selection - it is an attractive blue town in a colorful land,Rajasthan. The choice of pinks is intriguing.They go very well with the Jodhpur blues.But will they change the character of a blue building in a blue town? Will the pinks stand out? OK, that sounds stupid -of course they will! But as a lovely contrast or as a sore thumb? We shall find out shortly. One can also try to imagine if the blue city-

were a pink city(one of the pinks in the palette) -

or a merry turquoise blue(one of the blues in the palette)-

Or, a lemony, candy like yellow(sadly missing from the Jodhpur shade card. It would go very well with the others)-

and aren't we lucky that black is missing from the palette!

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