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Dec 23, 2006

What the heck is art? Part 1

Let's kick off with one of the oldest mysteries of the world-
What the heck is art?

The question is said to be as old as the caveman himself. When he was making the first drawings with the charred sticks on the wall of a cave, the art critic sitting outside, chewing idly the last of the Mammoth kebab, was ruminating - “is this art?"

Unfortunately, the theories of the first art critic have been lost in the mists of the time. I wonder if he had been able to answer definitively this most eternal of all questions-
What the heck is art?

I wonder if he did a better job than the legions of undecipherable modern critics, the innumerable raging academics armed with multiple PhD’s shooting theory after theory from the fortified ramparts of the culture studies departments, since they can't seem to be able to agree on, you know -
What the heck is art?


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