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Jun 12, 2008

Foreign artists in India -Scott Burdick and Susan Lyon

Gold Trim Shawl -a work by Susan LyonGold Trim Shawl
a work by
Susan Lyon

Selling Pottery -a work by Scott BurdickSelling Pottery
a work by
Scott Burdick

This couple has to be among the most talented artists ever to have visited India. Going over their work at their website is a sheer delight. I marveled at their brushstrokes. Unlike many other artists whose paintings on the net can only be seen as a small, low res images, Scott and Susan have given close ups of many of their works and God bless them that they did. As an artist I can spend long evenings imagining the movement of the brush and it's play on the support, just as one might imagine traversing a beautiful landscape whilst listening to Mozart. I dearly would love to see their paintings in person.

close up of a work by Scott Burdickclose up of a work by Scott Burdick

Compare and contrast
In contrast a work by one of our 'greats'-

a work by Jogen Chowdhurya work by Jogen Chowdhury

What a contrast between immense talent and skill and a mere preening mediocrity.

Other artists featured earlier in the series Foreign artists in India-
Lady Charlotte Canning
Julian Barrow

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