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Dec 31, 2010

Scott Burdick on the banishment of beauty

Scott Burdick is among the artists whose work I admire a lot. He is, to put it politely, bloody marvelous-

painting by scott burdick

Tanzania Africa 
30" by 30"
Scott Burdick


Now, in a series of videos, Burdick says a lot of the things we have said at this blog and some that we would have liked to. Don't miss this 4 part video series:

Beauty Part1

Beauty Part2

Beauty Part3

Beauty Part4

Dec 24, 2010

Best contemporary painters of nudes, part 3 -Jeremy Lipking

Grey Nude

Seated Nude

A detail-

and another-

Reclining Nude Figure

Morning Light

Lipking's site.

Ayn Rand while commuting

I suppose we have all seen this while commuting- at least those who travel with the hoi polloi -someone reading a Rand book, often the Fountainhead:

Reading Ayn Rand

On a couple of occasions I have seen dullish looking housewife types in traditional sarees poring over the Fountainhead and wondered if they were 'getting it'. I'm glad if they 'got' even one percent. Who knows what personal awakening that bit might produce.

Cross posted at Ayn Rand India

Dec 21, 2010

The Book Art of Gurmeet 2011 Calendar!

After The Art of Gurmeet fineart Calendar 2011, now it is the turn of :

The Book Art of Gurmeet 
2011 Calendar

in ready to print format.





Free to use and distribute for non-commercial purposes.

Download it from here or here.

Dec 20, 2010

Art du jour

A painting of Krishna by B.G.Sharma

Art of Gurmeet 2011 calendar!

Art of Gurmeet 
2011 calendar 
is here!



Free to use and distribute for non-commercial purposes.

It is in ready to print format.
Just download it from here.

Dec 10, 2010

India in comics,part 1 -Tintin in Tibet

Tintin comes to India with his good friend Captain Haddock in transit to Nepal in the book Tintin in Tibet.
(click on the images for a larger version)

Tintin in Tibet

Tintin in Tibet, cover

They has just a few hours to catch the vistas of Delhi but that is enough for the Captain to get into a mess or two-

Tintin in Tibet, pg6

Tintin in Tibet
Tintin in Tibet, pg7

Tintin in Tibet
Tintin in Tibet, pg8

Tintin in Tibet, pg 9

Dec 5, 2010

Anish Kapoor fries brains

Once we had the genius of Michelangelo-

Then we came down a bit to Rodin. No Michelangelo but he made us think -

Now we have the monstrous idiocies of Anish Kapoor-

For some reason he is back in India and the various intellectual/media asses elites are falling all over to applaud him. What is it about modernist 'art' that freezes all brain activity in otherwise 'normal' people, especially educated elites? Do they not have eyes? Can't they see that Anish Kapoor has no more artistic talent than my pet snail and probably less? What are the mysterious rays that Kapoor and his ilk are giving off that completely fries obsevers' brains? Or are the brains toast already and ready to take the mouldy cheese of Kapoors 'art'?

Is it too much to expect just a bit -a tiny, itsy-bitsy bit of sanity from these people?

Dec 2, 2010

The new look Liberty News Central

The new look Liberty News Central blog is here.

the new Liberty News Central

Loads much faster,is cleaner and intends to be meaner and tougher to freedom's enemies(who, like Reds under the bed, are everywhere).

Do check it out and may your kind soul make you hit the tip jar in this season of generosity. Just a dollar will do to help fight for liberty although we won't refuse more.

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