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Jul 31, 2009

Book Art du jour

Naughty boy have I been. I have been ignoring illustrators on this blog –that will change!
Illustrators are currently some of the most skilled, technically expert and talented artists on the planet –since ‘fine artists’ are more concerned with video installations, ‘found’ objects, cutting up animals, arranging and rearranging garbage and other time pass not suitable for anything but mild (if that)therapy in an asylum.
First to go –Colin Thompson. This is from his book ‘Looking for Atlantis’
Fine work of art, this-
looking for atlantis colin thomas

My reasons to love Sanjay Bhattacharya

are laid out for all to see in this one canvas below-

Morning Kesoroli_Sanjay Bhattcharya

(click here for a larger image)

Morning, Kesoroli

Oil on canvas



Sanjay Bhattacharya


That is why I am willing to forgive his forays into silliness. Sanjayji, aapko sau silly cheezein maaf hain agar aap kabhi kabhi time nikaal ke itni kamaal ki painting banee dein! (Sanjay ji, You forgiven a hundred stupid things as long as you take out time occasionally to paint something as marvelous as this!)

Compare and contrast-

Does one eat shit? Possible if there is nothing else to eat, and one never has known anything else. But does one eat shit after having a sumptuous meal gulped down with an excellent wine –yes, the arty-sharties do! They flit away from a Sanjay Bhattacharya work and flock to the latest idiocy by the Great Cheese Jitish Kallat and go ooh! , ah!, and ga-ga(or should that be goo-goo?).

jitish kallat rikshawpolis 4

Rickshawpolis 4


Acrylic on canvas with bronze gargoyles

178 x 274 cm


 Jitish Kallat


Are they blind? Of course not.

Can they not see? I’m sure they can.

Have their brains shut down? Er, ……

But like Pavlovian dogs that are trained to react in a certain way to a particular stimulus , the arty-sharty set is trained to go ga-ga over goo-goo. Throw the worst, the most loathsome, the ugliest, the most disgusting,the filthiest, the most shocking(hey, that’s where contemporary ‘artists’ are trying to out-do each other, isn’t it?) thingamajig at them and call it art and they will lap it up.

Tell them it is art –they will eat shit.

Update –I know, baba, Kallat’s work above is not his latest brainwave. I’m sure there have been many more since. I have taken Kallat and one his works at random(it was the first that came up) to make a point. One can as well take up M.F.Hussain or F.N.Souza or almost any of our many Great Cheese(mahan cheez) –the Pavlovian dogs will still manifest the same reflex.

Art du jour

This work can also be seen at Winifred Godfrey's website.

Procession near Tecpan

(click for a larger image)

Procession near Tecpan

60” x 80"



Winifred Godfrey

Jul 29, 2009

Leela Naidu, to be missed forever, R.I.P

Perhaps India’s softest, sweetest actress and with a voice that is aptly described by the lyrics of the song-

“Strumming my pain with her fingers,
singing my life with her words,
killing me softly with her song…”

 leela naidu 1leela naidu 3

 leela naidu 2   leela naidu 6

leela naidu 4leela naidu 5

leela naidu 7

Unlike many contemporary beauty queens like Aishwarya Rai and  Sushmita Sen, she was a natural actor.

Heck, I will miss her!

Jul 28, 2009

Stephen Doherty’s 8 Ideas to Help Sell Paintings

Stephen Doherty’s 8 Ideas to Help Sell Paintings-

Among them, this one is amusing-

Happy subjects. About the only time I heard Desind be really critical of an artist’s work is when he or she brought in a painting developed around themes of mortality, the seven deadly sins, the cruelty of war, the greed of politicians, or some other weighty subject. “People don’t want to hang those kinds of paintings in their homes or offices. The pictures would depress them all day long,” he said. “Put a skull in your painting if you want, but plan on owning it for the rest of your life.”


(emphasis mine)

Art du jour

A great atmospheric feeling in this painting, an almost perfect calm, as if the stillness of the centuries lies distilled and reflected in this one piece of art-

Venice Calm Stephen Doherty

Venice Calm


10x 14


Stephen Doherty

I don’t know of anyone in India who paints like this –Sanjay Bhattacharya comes close, but it seems he doesn’t do enough of this kind of work. Pity, since he is so capable.

Jul 27, 2009

Day is night, incoherence is insight

In what field incoherence is taken to be a mark of wisdom and insight-

Shrine Empire Gallery presents "Home", curated by Anupa Mehta at the Travacore Art Gallery, Kasturba Gandhi Marg.
Preview : 20th of February (6 pm onwards)
Onview till 26th of February. (10 am to 7 pm)

Issues of Home/Nation/location/migration and identity have been key issues explored by Indian artists in recent times.
Home, the exhibit, however is conceived with the intention of mapping internal/intimate spaces – the abode of the private self – through the specially installed environments/artworks by Mayura Subhedar, Minal Damani, Shantamani, Surekha and Prajakta Potnis who live and work in different cities and varying milieus.
Home: a space to recede in, or to gaze out of; a place of comfort or a place of confrontation … home is the abode of reverie or the source of nightmare. This exhibition aspires to evoke emotional climates of memory and recall – a loop in which past and present blur, in keeping with changing emotional/social/political climates. Within each room, drawings, paintings, objects and photographs come together to form highly personal spaces of universal significance.

Anupa Mehta


(emphasis mine)

Jul 26, 2009

Attack the peaceful, spare the violent

Andrew Bolt flags another art weasel –

A FILM student is prepared to use an image of the prophet Muhammad to help find two Australians willing to sell their virginity online.

Filmmaker Justin Sisely has already featured the Virgin Mary in his recruitment drive, using posters of her with male genitalia drawn crudely on her forehead in Sydney and Melbourne. He has also used the image online…

Sisely said he was considering using an image of Muhammad in a new series of posters in Brisbane next month, but would not if the move incited violence.

1. Why use the mockery of any faith?

2. The artist is only “considering” using an image of Muhummad as he already used one of Mary. Yeah, right.

3. The artist won’t use an image of Muhammad if it incites violence, which supposes a predisposition for violence in one faith that he presumably dismissed among followers of another.

4. The artist won’t criticise the violent as he will the peaceful, suggesting both that he’s timid and that he’s most likely to attack those who are most peaceable. Strange priorities. An even stranger incitement to answer criticism with violence.

(emphasis mine)

Ah, these “brave” artists

Yes, yes we all hear paeans to their courage as these bold avant-gardists fearlessly take on one powerful pillar of the establishment after the other. They will savage the “bourgeois” society, take on our “comfortable sensibilities”, with great heroism they will lampoon the (then) most powerful man in the world –George W. Bush (but they will worship Obama- a paradox?) and they will ferociously tear into religion-


An art exhibition where people are encouraged to write in a Bible has seen visitors daub abuse and obscenities across its pages.

Part of Made in God's Image, the exhibit also includes a video of a woman ripping pages from the Bible and stuffing them into her bra, knickers and mouth.

Next to the copy of the Bible at the GalleryUntitled 2009 defaced bible of Modern Art (Goma) in Glasgow is a container of pens and a notice, which says: 'If you feel you have been excluded from the Bible, please write your way back into it.'


But its pages have been scrawled with comments including 'F*** the Bible' and 'I am Bi, Female & Proud. I want no god who is disappointed in this'.

The exhibition was created by artists Anthony Schrag and David Malone, alongside organisations representing gay Christians and Muslims.

Mr Schrag, the gallery's artist in residence, said he did not believe in God, but that research into the £7,000 show had reinforced his respect for people of faith.



£7,000! And in times of recession too. You would think that the art world which claims to be so concerned for the poor and the oppressed (such a tingle of sated well-being the artists feel up their legs  when they mingle among millionaires at a charity auction, taking a refreshing sip of an expensive and exotic something) would just prefer to return that money to the truly oppressed –the tax-payers. But taking a public grant back from the post-modern art hacks is as easy as taking a candy from a crocodile.


Such intrepidity. May I suggest something for their next exhibition –something that will take them boldly where no artist has gone before(and may never again). And the mounting expenses will be really rock-bottom as they already have all the wherewithal –they can pocket a  greater share of the next £7,000 the hapless taxpayers will be forced to shell out.

Just replace the Bible with the Koran! Voilà!

Let us see some real courage from the art world.

Where’s everybody?

(via Andrew Bolt)

Jul 14, 2009

When religion and art clash

When religion and art clash, the art often loses-
Iranian artist gets five years in jail for "musical Qur'an"

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