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Jan 31, 2010

Art du Jour

Color pencil on paper
William Woo

Charles Reid - painting from an old photo

A tutorial from Charles Reid as it appreared in the Artist magazine-

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Jan 21, 2010

Art du jour

Passion in Repose 

Jan 7, 2010

Best contemporary painters of nudes, part 1- Zhaoming Wu

Starting a new series with this post. First to go - the excellent Zhaoming Wu

Only white people-monkeys allowed

Imagine if the artist had used Obama in this example of how to make caricatures instead of Bush-

For this exercise I chose to caricature US politcian George W. Bush. Bush is invariably caricatured as either a cowboy wearing an oversized stetson or as a chimpanzee - the former because he lives in Texas and the latter because unfortunately for him he resembles one. His body posture also suits either description as he seems to arch his arms away from his body, which makes him look even more like an ape or a cowboy ready to draw in a gun fight.
The next step was to transform this image into human form. Although I wanted his body posture to remain as close to a chimpanzee's as possible I also wanted him to look human, with human limbs and proportions - apart from the oversized head, of course.

There would be such a howl of outrage over "racism" that the publisher would probably recall all copies and the author would be forced to apologize.

That, in fact, would actually be like a burglar shouting "Stop, thief!" Figure this out-
lampooning a white man (Bush)- good! The whole world does it.
lampooning a black man (Obama) -(gasp!)racism!

 It is true that Bush resembles a monkey.So does Obama.Who can deny it? Not anyone honest.

And so does Michelle Obama -she is right out of Planet of the Apes.

In fact for most faces if you stare at them long enough some animal resemblance becomes apparent.Some have a greater animal 'look' than others.Nothing wrong in that.That's just the way it is.
But for the bien-pensants only white people are fit for caricature.

Definition of racism -treating individuals unequally on the basis of race.
So who are the racists?

Note- The pages are from the book Drawing Caricatures by Martin Pope)

If caricaturing is your thing then I recommend this well-written guide.It is a ***WtHA recommendation***.

Update- crossposted at Liberty News Central.

Jan 5, 2010


Why is so much of the contemporary art so boring? Not just rotten and talentless -but simply yawn inducing.
Why? Why? Why?

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