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'Inflammatory' artist Jon McNaughton on his anti-Obama work
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Apr 24, 2009

A display of my paintings

Is she admiring my works ? Or is she thinking -"What tosh!"? -

paintings by Gurmeet

Sickness in the Left

Pathologically minded uber-leftist and loathsome cartoonist Ted Rall is fired. Patterico has more.

A sample of a sick mind -Rall mocking widows of 9/11 terror :

Ted Rall mocks widows of 9/11 terror
Such nobility! No wonder he is a hero to the Left.

(Cross posted at Liberty News Central)

What a bloody marvelous painting, part 5

A peep at the train

art by Rudolf Swoboda
Rudolf Swoboda

art by Rudolf Swoboda detail
Detail 1

art by Rudolf Swoboda detail
Detail 2

I discovered this lovely work and the 19th-century Austrian painter through Niall Feguson's interesting book "Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World ".

When one looks at the works produced in the nineteenth century, one cannot help but wonder -What happened? Where did all that knowledge, skill and talent vanish? How did it come to be that the Gods of the 19th century like John William Waterhouse, Lawrence Alma-Tadema and John Singer Sargent were dethroned by the preening lice of the 20th, like Picasso, Rothko and Rauschenberg.

Just compare and contrast-

Ophelia, 1889
John William Waterhouse
John William Waterhouse

Untitled, 1963
Oil, silkscreened ink, metal, and plastic on canvas
Robert Rauschenberg

Robert Rauschenberg

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