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Feb 26, 2011

Art du jour

Uygur girl
(31cm x 26cm) 1988 
Guan Weixing

Cartoons from Playboy, no.1

Cartoon from Playboy

Feb 23, 2011

What a bloody marvelous painting, part 10

Joseph Zbukvic makes watercolors one could kill for -

click for a larger image

Unfortunately, I do not yet know the name of this work.

A few details-

His signature is a piece of work too!

Compare and contrast-

Our Great Cheese* also produce works one could kill for - for a different reason:

A work by the mahan* talent Jogen Chowdhury depicting who knows what. Nevertheless, it must be great. Just shut up and believe.

*The colorful Indian language translator-Great Cheese - a play on the Hindi expression 'mahan cheez', literally a great thing or a great person, sarcastically speaking.

Mahan -great

Feb 21, 2011

My art - Tito Bros.

crow painting by gurmeet

watercolor, acrylics and pen

This was named after a charming children's story by the lovely Mrs.Whattheheck about three garrulous parrots called the Tito brothers.

The pen drawing before throwing colors in-

crows pen drawing by Gurmeet

A detail-

crows by gurmeet

and another-

crow painting by gurmeet


Pen drawing added

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