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Oct 31, 2009

Dr.Doom does art

Dr.Pachauri takes time out from his relentless efforts to turn civilization on it's head and opens an art exhibition-

Image from print editon of the Hindustan Times,Delhi, 31/10/2009

Art du jour -astronauts by Scott Listfield

Some very interesting - and arresting! -paintings by Scott Listfield who paints "astronauts and, sometimes, dinosaurs"-

Under the Flight Path
Oil On Canvas

His oils have an "acrylicky" look, no? Here's another-

Men's Room
Oil On Canvas

Oct 4, 2009

Doo-da in the mail

There's a lot of gibberish that arrives in the mail. Not all of it is spam or financial investment proposals from Nigeria -some it is a self-consciously pretentious artspeak laden pitch lobbed by an art gallery trying to peddle it's rotten wares. E.g. this arrived a few days ago-

This series (of art works) is an internalized perception of a world that is complex, but on paper becomes the embodiment of transcedentally lucid concentration. While colour is the core around which Manish's work revolves, it is also the environment within which the artist explores texture. His works are born out of propositions of apply and excavate, add and subtract and are aimed at the ultimate search - the creative state that seeks integration with the sublime.

Wearily I clicked  on the link(just don't ask why) and I found this -

 some kind of an art work by
Manish Pushkale

and other similar splotches, botches and doo-da.

You may see more of this gentleman's works here.

I failed to see the internalized perception of  a complex world, or of anything and I totally missed what must have been really bloody marvelous transcendental lucidity of ..... whatever.

But then that's just me. Here's hoping that -as the artist applies and excavates,adds and subtracts(or is that a math student working part-time on a construction site?)- he will soon integrate himself with the sublime.

Hopefully then he won't need to waste so much precious paper.

The art of Art Scholz

Some sparkling watercolors by Art Scholz-

These three stood out on his page at the Fine Art America.

Here is my own page at that site.

Compare and contrast-

something very silly by Bharati Kher-

bindis on painted board diptych
183 x 198 cms

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