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May 25, 2010

The art of Milo Manara -1

Sleeping Beauties
Milo Manara

May 8, 2010

Tormenting Pigeons - an illustration by moi

From an upcoming picture story book illustrated by yours truly-

A detail-

and another-

Is Sanjay Bhattacharya turning into a clown?

From an excellent artist -

to pretentious posing-

Call them arty autos. 13 auto-rickshaws handcrafted by artists Satish Gupta, Sanjay Bhattacharya and Paresh Maity, among others, will be auctioned this evening at The Claridges (entry by invitation).

Is it peer pressure? Buckling under the idiotic tastes of the art elites(Bhattacharya lives and breathes in this lofty-entry by invitation-world)? Do as the Romans(or Ramanis) do?

Of course there have been signs before that Indian art's most able jedi could be turning over to the dark side.
But......maybe...who knows......my fingers are crossed.

But may I be presumptuous enough to remind this venerable artist that every day he is playing to the gallery is a day lost? I think of all those precious hours squandered when he could be doing this-

 It's his life and his time.I am making no claim on either. But stubborn ass that I am,  I shall press on and say that his silly 'Auto' will go(along with all those precious Husains) into the garbage dump of history while the works that made him justly famous will live on -long, long after the last bit of metal from the Arty-Auto has rusted away to nothingness.

Let's hope Bhattacharya is not slinking away from truly earned greatness to pander to those who cannot see it.

(Image source - The Hindustan Times, Delhi ed.,07-050-2010 )

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