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Sep 30, 2007

All those important looking words, yet.......

Namita Kohli reviews the works of Om Prakash Sharma based on 'Tantra'. And boy, is she impressive or what! Just to pick from hither and thither from her review-

Some call it ‘abstract expressionism’; others insist it’s just a visual interplay of cosmic symbols -----“Tantra originated from the union of Shiva and Shakti, an intense practice of rituals and customs ------It delves into the source and the core of existence,” says the artist who works with the mandalas (geometric patterns), pure colours and cosmic geometry -----Thus was born Neo-Tantra, a form that art critic Suneet Chopra cautiously refers to as a broadly ‘aesthetic and visual exercise’ or ‘non-figurative abstract,’ but not based on scriptures -----Some critics even called it ‘architectonics’,” he says. With a metaphysical and mystic quality in their work ----In this “changing” context, abstract artists like Neeraj Goswami whose works delve into ‘formlessness, also fall broadly in the realm of Tantra. “My work with mysticism is a means to self-realisation---

I am really impressed, Namita. You press all the right buttons and use the right art-jargonese to be a well and fully-formed contemporary art-critic. I am sure all those words mean something but I am too stupid to figure out, so pardonnez-moi.

Now after all that trumpets and drum can we roll out the masterpieces of Om Prakash Sharma? Here is the one featured large in the print edition of the HT(regd. required)-

an artwork by Om Prakash Sharma(note -that 'a' is not part of the work but from the article headline)

Are all those important words describing the work above? Out of all that fog of obscure art-lingo comes this?! Couldn't we just say that this is a rotten work of 'art', neither attractive in it's beauty or even catching in it's ugliness. That it is drab, shabby and without a glimmer of talent? Couldn't we just say that and move on and do something nice instead?

But I suspect that if Namita ever wrote such a thing she might not be invited to the right arty-sharty parties.

A curiosity- where does one find a textbook of cosmic geometry?

(all emphasis mine)

Sep 12, 2007

Somebody explain before my really small brain explodes!

I must be stupid. This painting is perhaps the highest priced Indian work of art, selling for nearly 7 crores!

So what's so great about it? Somebody tell me before my pea-sized brain explodes trying to figure out!!! Somebody please, please tell me! What am I missing? I think this painting is a worthless piece of mediocrity -painted by an art student, I would give an 'F'. It displays little talent, skill or sense of aesthetics.

Mahisasura by Tyeb Mehta
Mahisasura by Tyeb Mehta

But that's just me. Like I said, I am stupid. Just like millions of 'normal' people who can't figure out why this work is so wonderful.

O' keepers of secret knowledge, O' Mr. Vadhera, O' Mr. and Mrs.Vazirani, O' Holy man Keshav Malik -please do enlighten mere mortals like us and explain why Tyeb Mehta is a god?

Sep 11, 2007

9/11 and me

Just a few days after 9/11, I was moved to paint this-

9/11 art
New York - Fire at first light

larger version here

One watches the world and one wishes one could do something- feed the poor, free the enterprising, care for the orphans, smack the bottoms of the venal and corrupt. One wishes one could do more.

Yet one often finds that there is little one can do but paint, write or speak out or tear one's hair.
Such helplessness.

Sep 10, 2007

Bad luck, I am still alive!

The trouble with blogging is that reality intrudes. One has to go off and do something to make a living. Gotta eat, you know. God made us like that. Maybe that is why I don't believe in Him!

But, hey, it took me a while but I'm baaaack! Thanks to the couple of people who emailed to ask me if I was well.Bad luck guys, I am still alive.

This is one among other things I have been doing -sketching nudes:

nude sketches

Lucky me!

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