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Aug 26, 2008

Promising artists- Vani Pippalla Akula

Here is starting another new series -on promising artists who should be getting more attention.

First off the block -Vani Pippalla Akula (ok, that's a mouthful). She is based in USA, the land of the free, and many(but not all) of her works seem to be really good.(I say 'seem' because I haven't viewed them in person, but they do look good). A couple of fine ones-

a painting by Vani Pippalla Akula
Family of Apples 5" x 7" oil on gessoed board

a painting by Vani Pippalla Akula
Rainy Day 5" x 7" oil on gessoed board

Check out her works at -

Compare and contrast-

Would a sensible person rather have one of the above on his/her walls or something as silly as this(by one of our Great Cheese*), K.G. Subramanyan-

a work by K.G. Subramanyan
An untitled work by K.G. Subramanyan

*The colorful Indian language translator-
Great cheese - a play on the Hindi expression 'mahan cheez', literally a great thing or a great person, sarcastically speaking.

Aug 25, 2008

Rich folks,poor tastes -Alpana Gujral

I am starting a new section with this post -a common tragic sight in the mansions of the arty-sharty minded millionaires.Among all the fancy and very expensive decors and objets d'art with which the luxury pads of these posh people are stuffed, you will almost invariably find something ugly and stupid hanging on the walls.
It's almost eerie. Rich folks are not stupid -otherwise they wouldn't be rich(or stay that way for long). But there is a competition among them to buy and show-off really bad art.

First in this series-Jewellery designer Alpana Gujral.
From the Hindustan Times-

Alpana Gujral bad art
(click for larger image)
Alpana Gujral bad art 1
(click for larger image)
Alpana Gujral bad art 2
(click for larger image)

Some of the works despoiling the walls are by her father, the ultra-famous (what for when there are many other much, much better artists struggling for years ?) painter Satish Gujral. We understand the sentiment, but hey, nepotism is no excuse for bad taste.

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