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Apr 5, 2010

Francis Newton Souza -the self-styled sultan of sewers

Soon after the death of Pablo Picasso,  Francis Newton Souza announced, “Now that Picasso is dead, I am the greatest".

Behold the might powers of the Lord of art-

FN Souza arrogant worm

That is like a worm rolling in feces proclaiming ,"I'm the king of shit now!".

In the luminous world of

 Daniel F. Gerhartz-

Elaina by Daniel F. Gerhartz

Oil on canvas
50.8 x 60.96 cm
(20" x 24")
Daniel F. Gerhartz

Steve Hanks-

Ocean Breeze by Steve Hanks

Ocean Breeze
Steve Hanks

David Curtis-

oil painting by david curtis

A painting in oil 
David Curtis

Sanjay Bhattacharya-

oil painting kites by Sanjay Bhattacharya

A painting in oil 
Sanjay Bhattacharya

Yuqi Wang-

a detail from Ling by Yuqi Wang

 a detail from Ling
oil on canvas 
Yuqi Wang

Han-Wu Shen-

Cutting off the Pigtail
Oil on canvas
80 x 65 cm
(31½" x 25.59") 
Han-Wu Shen

this preening lowlife-

A nude by F.N.Souza 1962

A nude
oil on canvas

wallows deep in the lightless sewers of 'modern' art and considers himself sultan.
Who gives a shit! (pun intended)

Art du jour- CHAK DE COW by Milind Mulick

I posted this earlier but I think a larger image is required to do this painting justice-

Chak de cow painting watercolor by Milind Mulick

(click for a larger image)

Chak de cow
15X20 inches
Milind Mulick

Making Jodhpur fit for your girlfriend

The Let's Color Project has been painting Jodhpur-

in shades many of which are unusual for that blue town (mmm, I love that creamy colorful feel)-

a purple haveli in a blue city-

or a mauvish pink to house your girlfriend who has yet to outgrow her large, cuddly teddy bear with plaintive eyes that you cannot match-

Check out their images and their blog.

See also my earlier posts on this initiative-
Ugly Betty to Angela Jolie -the Let's Color Project

Painting Jodhpur pink?

Note - my earlier posts on this sublect were sponsored ones.However I'm quite enjoying following this project - color being a very soft spot of mine(some blues make me go weak and some yellows I can wallow in for hours), this post is part of the regular programming.

Apr 2, 2010

Gauleiters of art

This comment by Francis W. Porretto was given about film critics but it describes art critics so well-


Critics are the aspiring gauleiters of the entertainment world; they contribute nothing, but they’re dedicated to the proposition that they’re just as important as the actual producers of entertainment. There’s just one problem with all that: if all the critics in the world were to vanish in a puff of sarcasm, the rest of us wouldn’t mourn longer than it takes to read the news flash.

The critics know that. They strive ceaselessly to find ways to promote themselves and their position in the entertainment world.



One can easily think of a Keshav Malik or a Suneet Chopra in this mould.



Art critics – enforcing their ideologies on the art world

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